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         An Artist's Home In Iceland

"The weekend of blind painting was brilliant!

Never having done this before, it was weird, intriguing, great fun and certainly opened up my painting technique and I have become a  braver painter as a result.
Michelle is warm and friendly and  made sure we explored new ground and learnt an incredible amount, not only  about our own painting styles, but some of our  perceptions as well.  

The weekend took place in Michelle's lovely house that has  incredible views and warm arty vibe. There were only three of us, so it felt quite intimate and safe to explore new concepts. I actually saw music when painting blind, and that was wonderful!
  If you paint, do this course. Its fun, its weird and it will open you up to new ways of painting. If you don't paint, do this course, because it will open you up to new ways of perceiving."  

- Katie Knight, Iceland

Excavate the depths of your creativity with Blind Painting

Gain new perspectives by intuitively tapping into your creativity while stimulating artful team building.  Blindfolded, left handed and experimental painting to music.  This experiment takes place in my art studio and the participants work individually exploring creative process.

Phase 1 Blindfolded  Painting blindfolded releases the creator from ambition, merit or competitive performance.  It provides an environment to flow into the brush stroke and find your unique expression.  This part of the workshop is accompanied by instrumental music.
Phase 2 left handed  After removing our blindfolds we will then review the nature of the work completed and it’s discuss qualities.  Next using our left hand only we exercise our ambidexterity. This part of the workshop is accompanied by experimental music.

Michelle taught workshops in experimental and blind painting to the engineers at Google Zürich, GIS-Zentrum Baudirektion Kanton Zürich  to the Integrative Psychiatric clinic in Winterthur and to mentally disabled adults with the City of Turin in Italy.  Switzerland's Kanton Schule Zürich has invited her to host over a dozen demonstrations for A Wie Atelier.  She has lectured at San Francisco's Academy of Art University on drawing from memory techniques.

Michelle Bird has exhibited her art in Europe and in the United States; including the Borgarfjardar and Agricultural Museum in Iceland, Galerie Cècile Charron in Paris, and Galleria del Arte Ill Milennio in Venice, in Switzerland at the Gallery Knoerle Baetig Fine Art,  Galerie Mainau, Zurcher Kantonal Bank and AXA Winterthur. 

Languages Dutch, German, Italian, English & Icelandic

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