Extraordinary abode

An Artist's Home In Iceland

A unique place on earth at the gateway to the Snaefellsness Peninsula

Lovely Maeve Leila Brazil is our first artisan guest to introduce her fine wares and exquisite hand crafted products to our Extraordinary Lodging. She has adorned our home lovingly with a magnificent hand woven lambs wool Berber rug and soothed our souls with her exquisite skin care products (made with only food grade ingredients). Her unique solid perfumes are steam distilled and beautifully contained in hand carved Cedar root boxes.

"I make raw organic skincare from food grade vegan ingredients and Perfumery inspired from the indigenous ways. Every three to four months I travel to Morocco to collect supplies, buy essential oils direct from the producer & gather gorgeous artisan crafts from fellow artisans and friends, these are sold in my online indigenous Joy shop."

Maeve and her magical wares entrance the senses. Her marvelous adventurous tales struck our nomadic chords. Thank you dear Maeve for your inspiration, it was a joy hosting you and your wonderful family!

IndigenousJoy ♥  is hand made by gifted artisans.

designers & artisans in Borgarnes iceland

Reservations are through Airbnb & Boutique Homes only for your convenience and security.

Organic Skincare & Vegan Perfumes. Hand made in the UK.

Maeve will be returning with her Natural Wisdom Organic Skincare for the Discovery Summit in Borgarnes (April 6th, 7th & 8th in 2018). A journey of personal exploration with seasoned professionals who offer an array of unique experiences.


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