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Compresses – hot and cold packs - harmonizing energy for your well being by using cold or hot compresses

It is easy and simple and most likely you will find all essentials needed for a soothing pack right in your home.

I will introduce you to the most effective hot and cold applications. They work like magic in a small emergency. A gentle, simple and sustainable way to support your body’s recovery and healing.
Give a temperature impulse and stimulate using water, oil, soil or curd as a base.  - You might want to add active herbal ingredients from essential oils and tea infusions to intensify the treatment.

To balance mind, body and soul, there is not just the option of working from within but one can also influence the metabolic process from the outside. With the compress, you give the organism an impulse stimulating its flow.
This can be done directly on the affected area or its related reflex zone

My name is Ursula Zeugin, and I am a certified naturopath.
I have my own practice in Switzerland and work with a variety of herbal formulations. I also offer massages and other forms of manual therapy. As a nutritionist, I advise on diet and offer supported cleansing fasts, guide medicinal plant excursions and hold workshops on different health topics and salutogenesis.

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Reservations are through Airbnb & Boutique Homes only for your convenience and security.

Extraordinary abode

An Artist's Home In Iceland

Relax and unwind with Reiki, a Japanese energy healing technique

Relax your way to better health and peace of mind with Reiki, a Japanese technique for relaxation that promotes healing.

Reiki has been known to help with every known illness and is currently offered in over 800 hospitals in the US. Reiki does not take the place of medical care, but is a wonderful way to facilitate the process of healing with relaxing energy.


1. We’ll give you an overview of Reiki, it’s history and how it works

2. Answer any questions you have.

3. Then each of you will experience a personal Reiki session. 

Spencer Lui is a transformational being, he has done the leap of faith from Corporate to Passion. By trade Spencer was a financial guy and was most recently the Chief Financial Officer at one of the fastest growing tech companies in Washington state. While at his last job he felt called to visit Machu Picchu and through a series of events his true path was illuminated.

He took the leap in November of 2015 and has been following his heart and intuition ever since. His heart has led him to become a Reiki Master who primarily works with healers and intuition has led him to adventures/spiritual experiences in Sedona, AZ, Belize, Guatemala, and Iceland.

DISCOVERY Summit Borgarnes Iceland

April 7th Saturday

10:00 - 11:45

Make raw organic Skin Care with Food Grade Ingredients

12:15 - 14:00

Harmonizing energy for your well being by using cold or hot compresses

14:00 vegetarian buffet lunch at the Settlement Center

16:30 Krauma geothermal spa


April 8th Sunday

10:00 - 11:45

Excavate the depths of your creativity with Blind Painting

12:15 - 14:00

Relax and unwind with Reiki, a Japanese energy healing technique

15:00 - 16:45 
Sound Bath Immersion - an audio meditative experience, full body/soul sonic massage using sound vibration. 

Excavate the depths of your creativity with Blind Painting

Gain new perspectives by intuitively tapping into your creativity while stimulating artful team building.

Blindfolded, left handed and experimental painting to music.  This experiment takes place in my art studio and the participants work individually exploring creative process.


Phase 1 Blindfolded
The tactic of beginning blindfolded releases the creator from competitive performance and aids us in our discovery of the flow of our brush stroke, what is referred to as your signature.  This part of the workshop is accompanied by flowing instrumental music.

Phase 2 left handed
After removing our blindfolds we will then review the nature of the work completed and it’s qualities.  Next using our left hand only during the second phase we exercise our ambidexterity. This part of the workshop is accompanied by experimental music.

Michelle has lectured at San Francisco's Academy of Art University on drawing from memory techniques. Switzerland's Kanton Schule Zürich has invited her to host over a dozen demonstrations for A Wie Atelier. She taight workshops in experimental and blind painting to the engineers at Google Zürich, GIS-Zentrum Baudirektion Kanton Zürich  to the Integrative Psychiatric clinic in Winterthur and to mentally disabled adults with the City of Turin in Italy.

Her art exhibited in Europe and in the United States including  Galerie Cècile Charron in Paris, Galleria del Arte Ill Milennio in Venice, and Galerie Mainau in Zürich. She won the nationally juried exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center in Sacramento and completed the Artist in Residence fellowship at the Baer Art Center in Icelandic. Most recently in 2015 & 2016 she exhibited at the Borgafjordur Museum and in 2017 at the Agriculture Museum in Iceland.

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Join in a journey of personal exploration.  Seasoned professionals offer an array of unique experiences.  Full weekend price is 500 € including lunch and Spa entry.  Price per individual workshop is 150€ including materials and refreshments excluding lunch and spa.  On April 6th Friday 19 hrs we will host an Apero and give short talks about our vocations.  On Saturday we gather for a vegetarian lunch and end our day at the Krauma geothermal spa.

Make raw organic Skin Care with Food Grade Ingredients

Learn how to make simple and very effective skincare recipes from easily sourced food grade ingredients that can brighten the complexion, fade blemishes, improve skin texture and deeply nourish the skin. I will be introducing you to many of the ingredients found in our kitchen cupboards and the local Supermarket that can be used to make delicious and effective skin food products to help protect, nourish & repair our skin. Together we will be making Botanical Face Masks, Body Scrubs, Natural Deodorant, Face & Body Oils & Essential Oil Blends. Using flowers, herbs, spices, fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, tapioca/corn flour, salt, seed oils, bicarbonate of soda and Vitamin C we’ll be exploring easy to make skin food recipes that are wonderfully effective and safe to use. As this work shop can only be a brief introduction I will be giving you all a recipe sheet so that you can try these recipes at home. I will have all the materials with me and I will be demonstrating how easy and simple these recipes are to make, we’ll be applying some of the skin food products we make to show how wonderfully lovely they feel on the skin and how nourishing and nurturing they are. Join me and learn some of the many ways we can feed our skin using the ancient knowledge of natural wisdom.

Maeve began making natural skincare products in 2007 as a part of her successful Homeopathy and Health Mentoring practice on the Isle of Wight, an island just off the South Coast of England. A Homeopath and natural health mentor since 2005, Maeve has also studied Pathology and Disease, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine as well as bio-chemistry and natural skincare formulation.

Maeve has founded her skincare creations on strong eco and ethical values and deeply rooted it in her passion for nutrition & indigenous herbal medicine both of which are behind the inspiration for all her skincare recipes.

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Sound Bath Immersion - an audio meditative experience, full body/soul sonic massage using sound vibration.

Relax and unwind as the outside world becomes meaningless as we allow our senses to play, feeling and hearing as the sounds move through the core of our very being. Our experience will bring us deep into ourselves on an intimate journey offering us healing to the mind body and soul. Our journey begins with a few minutes of breath work during which, we will all be invited to bring in and set our intention for the experience. Once we have settled into space Aishling will play a variety of instruments bringing us into a deeply relaxed state of being. Ten Crystal Singing Bowls will be played from the center of the space and at other times Aishling will be moving around us with the smaller mobile instruments. Aishling’s sound baths experiences can be described as healing musical performances played with Koshi chimes, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, bells, rattles, rain sticks and ocean drum. Our journeys encourage us to return to our natural state of balance while allowing deep insight from the subconscious to rise to the surface. On a physiological, psychological and physical level sound baths can aid in calming our nervous system, relieve stress, anxiety or depression, clear our minds, aid insomnia, ease chronic pain, and decrease blood pressure.    

Aishling Muller is an Irish intuitive physic, energy healer & visual artist. Aishling trained with the Academy of Crystals & Natural Healing in Scotland & has also completed training in sound healing, the subtle body energy and chakra systems, aromatherapy, natural magic as well as currently following her interests in herbalism and shamanic tradition. She has been working with energy healing using both crystals & sound since 2012 and has worked many spiritual healing events in both Ireland and Iceland working with private and group sessions. Aishling draws on her experience of self healing & her experiences in the creative fields believing the energy of creativity and energetic healing to stem from the same place.
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